Testa Challenge 2023

Testa Challenge 2023 participants

We are happy to have hosted the selected companies AnalysisMode (Finland), CEIDOS (Switzerland), IRUBIS (Germany), Nanolyze (Sweden) and Nyctea Technologies (Sweden) in Testa Center during March 2023.

While they were here we had the chance to interview them. Scroll down to watch the videos tolearn more about the companies, their innovations and their experience with Testa Challenge!

Nyctea Technologies

Nyctea delivers a new solution for non-invasive processing of biopharmaceuticals for improved productivity resulting in affordable medicine for patients.

The company is based on an invention of a surface that purifies biomolecules by electronic signals that replace the use of problematic chemicals in the production process, giving faster production and higher yield.

Their product enables manufacture of more kinds of biopharmaceuticals and accelerates the development of new treatments against diseases.


Nanolyze vision is to enable novel therapies by providing nanoscience with state-of-the-art technology in an easy-to-use wrapping.

Nanoparticle analysis often require several processing steps and a single measurement can be time consuming. Therefore, they have our starting point in waveguide technology, and focus on simple setup, minimal preparation need, and intuitive analysis methods.

Currently, they focus on applications for biological nanoparticles and we act in the overlapping field of physics and biology.


IRUBIS specializes in mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopyfor bioprocessing. Their instrument, Monipa, isspecifically designed for bioprocess monitoring and control.Monipais based on MIR spectroscopy which makes it possible to monitor multiple bioprocesses online at the same time.

Applications of the instrument are foreseen in both upstream bioprocessing; in metabolite monitoring and control, as well as in downstream bioprocessing to aid in aggregation studies, contaminant detection or monitoring of target proteins and excipients.


CEIDOS revolutionizes the way to monitor cell cultures in bioreactors with a fully automated in-line analyzer, the C-Netics.

The C-Netics is an innovative laboratory device that fully automates cell expansion monitoring in real time, ensuring better outcomes at a much lower price.


AnalysisMode has developed an AI-powered bioprocessing simulator to better design, model, and execute bioprocesses.

Their bioprocess simulator assists scientists to make data-based and more informed decisions therefore saving time, costs, and energy.

AnalysisMode's mission is to model bioprocesses across different products and therapies to make treatments accessible to everyone. They believe that by using their solution, stakeholders can cut down costs drastically and gain insights not possible with already existing technologies.