Testa Challenge 2024

Verify your technical or digital innovation in an industrial biomanufacturing innovation challenge!


What is Testa Challenge?

Testa Challenge is an open innovation challenge dedicated to companies in the technology/digital/data/IT sector to test and verify their technology in a fully funded standard bioprocess at Testa Center, Uppsala, Sweden. The provided bioprocess, facilities and expertise at Testa Center will allow an early evaluation of whether your innovation is applicable and successful for the bioprocessing industry. In addition to verifying your product in the manufacturing of a biopharmaceutical, you will:

  • Learn more about bioprocessing through hands-on experience and meetings with experts in the field
  • Get access to real-world process data
  • Create valuable documentation for your technology in a real-world biopharmaceutical production
  • Listen to inspiring seminars
  • Make connections with the Uppsala life science community

"This concept is inspired by hackathons and open innovation concepts but applied in a bioprocess. We are inviting companies from the technology digital, and data segment to integrate, test and verify their innovations in a fully funded standard bioprocess workflow.“
- Jesper Hedberg, CEO of Testa Center

Why was Testa Challenge created?

Testa Challenge aims to accelerate the industrialization of new technology that can improve the life of billions. As the market for biological products, such as antibody drugs and vaccines, is expanding so is the need for new technology to streamline the production.

The main barriers to develop, test and verify digital and technological products are high costs associated with biological production. Also, the focus on intellectual property rights often hinders collaboration between companies to solve problems together.

Therefore, we wanted to provide a full-scale bioprocess and the expertise needed to have companies explore the possibilities of meeting the future technology needs and overcoming challenges in the bioprocessing industry.

Past participants

Past Testa Challenge participants

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Testa Center is a non-profit company owned by Cytiva and represents a pivotal partnership between the Swedish government and Cytiva to secure the growth of the life science industry and its manufacturing capabilities.

At its core, Testa Center is a groundbreaking initiative designed to bridge the gap from discovery to industrialization. The mission of the center is to provide businesses and academia globally a modern, pilot-scale testbed for projects and education in the production of biological products e.g. mRNA, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, and viral vectors. In this adaptable facility, users get access to industry standard labs equipped with pilot-scale biomanufacturing platforms and cutting-edge equipment for cell cultivation, harvest and purification unit operations in a controlled non-GMP environment, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise.

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