2024 Participants

Verify your technical or digital innovation in an industrial biomanufacturing innovation challenge!

2024 Participants

We are delighted to announce the six companies selected for this year’s Testa Challenge.

The chosen participants are Envue TechnologiesExner Process Equipment GmbHInSpekQUBICONTimegate Instruments Ltd. and VentriLabs.

These innovative companies will join the Testa Challenge 2024, where they will have the unique opportunity to test their digital and technical solutions in a real biomanufacturing environment.

We are excited to see the innovative solutions these companies will bring to the Testa Challenge 2024 and we look forward to the valuable insights and advancements that will emerge from this year's challenge.

Here is some information about this year’s chosen companies:

Envue Technologies is a company that specializes in imaging and visualization technologies. Their solutions are designed to enhance the understanding and control of complex biological processes in real-time.

Exner Process Equipment GmbH is known for its innovative solutions in the field of process analytics. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality sensors and instrumentation for various industries, including biomanufacturing.

InSpek offers real-time monitoring solutions for biomanufacturing processes. Their advanced analytical tools provide detailed insights into the biological and chemical parameters, ensuring better process control and product quality.

QUBICON develops advanced control systems for bioprocesses. Their technologies focus on optimizing the performance and consistency of biomanufacturing processes, contributing to higher quality and yield.

Timegate Instruments Ltd. is a technology company that focuses on time-resolved Raman spectroscopy. Their advanced analytical tools provide detailed chemical information, enabling improved process control and monitoring in various applications.

VentriLabs is a cutting-edge biotech company that develops innovative solutions for biomanufacturing and medical applications. Their technologies often aim to improve efficiency and scalability in the production of biological products.